2003 147 jtdm 16 HELP !!

multiecuscan program usage help
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2003 147 jtdm 16 HELP !!

Post by Tanya29 » 28 Aug 2018, 16:05

This is the story I own the above, about a month ago the imb code lamp was on and off and some times could not start.
Not really knowing anything about this I asumed it to be the ecu under the bonnet so first mistake was made as would not even try to start so onward I had a elm unit so ran the free softwear on old ecu only to find the orignal fault had returned only worse i could not start the car at all, after more reading i purchased yet another ecu but this time with the body ecu and key fob all from the same car.
installed it all and the car started wow i thought, but the dash looks a Christmas tree now and i have now no Speedo operation
ive got motor control system failiur plus the following warning lights : abs,asr,brake fail,engine light.
I have now bought a set of cables and the licenced multiecuscan.
Help can someone help me to sort out what is going on? as I am at loss :cry:

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Re: 2003 147 jtdm 16 HELP !!

Post by us911 » 29 Aug 2018, 11:05

First thing is do a Proxy Alignment and see if some or all errors are cleared.

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