OBDLink SX not connecting to DucatoX250

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OBDLink SX not connecting to DucatoX250

Post by FrankK » 28 Jan 2017, 18:15

Had a lot of problems trying to connect to my Ducato X250 with a Gendan OBDLink SX. Lots of ELM327 red herring errors coming up.

It turns out the Ducato X250 and Ducato X250(facelift) use different ECU systems, one Bosch and the other Marelli.
A DTC scan will show you what system you have and you need to connect that system.
IE your scan reveals a Marrelli system but the control module shows Bosch, connecting to it will give you ELM327 connection errors until the cows come home.

On the OBDLink SX if the connection LED is green you have connection. If an ELM327 connection error comes up it is Not the interface at fault, you are trying to communicate with a different module.

One last tip buy the bundle with all the cables or the switchable SX unit.

Great software Guys , in 15 minutes I've reset the Oil service indicator, reset the Check engine light and turned off the seatbelt warning light.


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Re: OBDLink SX not connecting to DucatoX250

Post by s130 » 28 Jan 2017, 18:41

Thanks for the Info.

A possible explanation for the confusion with ELM error messages is that OBDLink SX is in effect using ELM protocol/command sets. The basic/major difference between ELM and OBDLink SX is, I believe, then the OBDLink chip is capable of far greater connection speeds compare to ELM. There are probably chip buffer size difference etc. but I think MES basically treats OBDLink SX as a faster ELM device.
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