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Problem & Request

Posted: 02 Oct 2014, 07:26
by stellwagenc

yesterday i have used FES Dashboard for the first time and i have found a bug (on Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD). The vehicle speed is not correctly (is it mph?). Look at the pictures.

And is it possible to add other time sections? Measurements from zero to XXX are not good. better are elasticity measurements like 50 to 100 or 60 to 120 or 80 to 160 or 100 to 200.

many thanks in advance

Re: Problem & Request

Posted: 08 Oct 2014, 08:42
by alfa156sarajevo
So you have been driving 150 km/h and FES Dash was showing 84 km/h (or something else)? :D

Did you checked speed with MES? How much there was your speed? The same more-less or totally different?

If with MES is all OK than I guess it is a bug in FES Dash... :roll:

Re: Problem & Request

Posted: 08 Oct 2014, 17:07
by stellwagenc
Yes, i was driving 150km/h with cruise control and FES Dash was showing 84 km/h...

The speed in MES is correct.

Problem Request

Posted: 27 Mar 2019, 04:02
by GeraldHiz
i wanted to place a payment request in the payment request section but was unable to. What could be the problem. My points is already more than dmt150 and I thought 150 is the minimum to make a request. Thanks .