Digital CAN dashboard/trip computer
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Post by yani » 08 Apr 2014, 19:30

You can share your custom templates (Template.txt) on the forum here...
So, everyone who wants to post a template, please open a new thread about it here in this section.

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Re: Templates

Post by lolgamegd01 » 19 Jun 2014, 08:14

If you do not want to create a new template itself, simply change the content and appearance of an existing template and then save it as a custom template. On the "Format" menu, click "Template".

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Re: Templates

Post by ivan.jularic » 28 Sep 2014, 21:02

Dear Yani

The FES Dashboard is excellent idea, and good work. I changed your template, but unfortunatelly not able to chnage background collor at the bottom of screen (it is in blue and has close and settings buttons). I hope you will take it in consideration for next release.

In addition, I regularly use FES mobile to chek only few parameters. It is anoying to log in each time, choose model, choose engine, choos parameters, choose.. and start monitoring. Why not to extend FES dasboard with few additional pages?
- settings page: user selects his car model, ECU... and other parameters for his car
- engine pages (user can customize page , as Dashboard, which parameters to see from engine)
- ...

I hope on the long term, FES Dashboard will take almost all fucntions of fes mobile (User friendly view, and not car model / CpU view) .


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Re: Templates

Post by Somchai » 13 May 2016, 09:32

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Re: Templates

Post by charb0y » 14 Jun 2016, 12:40


I'm a novice user here (clearly) - i don;t see how you can create your own template from MultiEcuScan

when i click the templates button i see a pop up box - but not sure how to use this

can anybody offer any advice


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