What is this???

Digital CAN dashboard/trip computer
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Re: What is this???

Post by Boris » 02 May 2014, 14:15

yani wrote:
Boris wrote:I have made some more tests with several Win mobile devices.

General conclusion is that it works on devices where BT OBD can communicate with mobile device wihout serial port connection.
Then both FESmobile and dashboard work using direct BT connection.

On some devices when serial BT connection is disabled , FESmobile and dashboard don't work using direct BT connection (can't find it using Search for Bluetooth devices on both software). Dashboard doesn't work over serial port at all (FES works).

I think that serial connection on Dashboard needs fixing.
Ok, you are right. There was a problem with serial port connection to some interfaces. The one which I used for the initial testing was BT OBDLink and was working with no problems.
Anyway, I fixed the problem now and uploaded the fixed program. You can download it again.

Tried, don't work.

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Re: What is this???

Post by sussexa » 17 Aug 2014, 07:17

hi yani
tried to download the dashboard to windows 8 laptop already just updated to multiscan 2.1 ok no issues, but when I try to open downloaded dashboard file it just wont open, the file reads
fesdashboard_noinstall rar file 1100kb file
does this look right or wrong
many thanks darren

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Re: What is this???

Post by s130 » 19 Oct 2014, 15:12

The RAR file is like a ZIP file. i.e. a compressed container.

Windows can not open RAR files itself. You need to download a program like 7-Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/
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Post by mrCharlessOils » 15 Nov 2021, 04:02

Out of pure curiosity, which model would that gizmo come in, like would that be an optional extra, a mod someones put in or is it something we all have?

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Post by BBOinsam » 12 Feb 2024, 23:55

Look at the attached picture, what is this, it was in some parts I received. Is it some kind of tool? About 3 inch diameter with 3 threaded holes.


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