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FES mobile and HTC P3300 windows mobile 5.0

Posted: 28 Aug 2014, 09:18
by alfablue
I'm a new member of this community.
I'm using Multiecuscan (free version) since two years with great satisfaction and I do appreciate it.
Now I bought an (old) HTC P3300 PDA, with windows mobile 5.0, in order to buy a licence and run on that device FESMobile.
But I cant' follow the registering procedure as I can't see in my screen neither the "settings" button (I see the grey area with all the words, but not the button), neither the button to exit the program at the top right corner of the red area.
The display resolution is 240x320 and I can’t change it.
Is there anybody who can help me ?
Thanks and regards.

Re: FES mobile and HTC P3300 windows mobile 5.0

Posted: 18 Aug 2015, 15:06
by alfablue
I've found a solution to my problem and now everything is working fine: I updated the operating system of the mobile (HTC P3300 - Artemis)from WM5 to WM6.1.
I don't know what was wrong but now FES Mobile looks right on the screen with all buttons in the right place.
I've bought the license and I'm very satisfied.