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FESmobile 2.1 RELEASED!

Posted: 19 Oct 2012, 11:02
by yani
I released FESmobile 2.1 today.
The changes are:
- Updated with all vehicles/modules from Multiecuscan 1.1
- Added multiplexing support for CANtieCAR interfaces
- Added LOG file generation
- Added Min/Max values for graph data
- Added "Abort" functionality during execution of actuators/adjustments
- Added support for some "Adjustments" like Oil Reset and Service Reset
- Fixed bugs which may cause hang or crash
- Fixed bug with registration form size on some devices
- Fixed bug which causes "Invalid ISO" code to be incorrectly reported on some modules

Re: FESmobile 2.1 RELEASED!

Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 13:48
by eric
Works fine!!

Valeo Parking control (159) Bug is solved!
MinMax Values are perfect


Re: FESmobile 2.1 RELEASED!

Posted: 25 Oct 2012, 20:50
by dagi66
thanks tried today works fine
grazie provata oggi funziona benissimo