FESmobile 2.0 Released!!!

FESmobile - Windows Mobile version of Multiecuscan
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Re: FESmobile 2.0 Released!!!

Post by eric » 22 Mar 2012, 10:52

You will release a update for the Valeo Parking Control issue.
Must i uninstall the old version or is it the same procedure like the normal FES?

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Re: FESmobile 2.0 Released!!!

Post by petania » 02 Apr 2012, 18:26

I try to instal Multiecuscan Mobile on DELL AXIM with Windows CE 4.2 on it. After update with .NET Framework 3.5 I finaly succeed with the instalation. However, after I select the type of ECU and proceed by pressing Simulate or Connect, error mesage appear:

An unnexpected error has ocoured in FESmobile.exe.
Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.

Can't find Entry Point 'Alpha blend' in a PInvoke DLL 'coredll.dll'

As much I understand FESmobile need to start alphablend function in order to show some semi-transparent components and did't succeed.
Is there way to get round this issue?
I'm ready to send Detail information about this error and any needed data.


Best regards

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