HTC Kaiser WM6.1 Professional

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HTC Kaiser WM6.1 Professional

Post by lupo » 05 May 2011, 23:19

Installs on HTC Kaiser WM6.1Pro OK.
Starts OK.

Can not connect. on BT OBD v1.2. (COM6).
My curent BT dongle (for mobile): ... ngle-16921

The same dongle connects and works with OBD2007 for PPC wich is the only SW that works
flawlessly on WM6.1Pro OS so far.

Maybe there should be more information (steps) while connecting, so the user would know
what might be wrong. EG.. can't find COM port ... can't find OBD Key .. something like
in OBD2007. Instead it just writes something like "... because of .. assembly .." and stops

I don't know if there is a filter e.g. if version < then 1.3 do not connect, but I think
that although my dongle is 1.2 it should connect to this PPC software just having
it (the dongle) connected to power supply gnd +12V. On the other hand this SW
may have problems comuniating with non original ELM chips like so many other
diagnostic SW on the market.

The OBD2007 for PPC is specified to work with non originals too and so far it works.

I ordered a "1.4" like BT elm dongle, but I'm not sure it wil work ether, we'll see in a month
time or so.

Practice makes perfect. You're on a good way!

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Re: HTC Kaiser WM6.1 Professional

Post by lupo » 02 Jun 2011, 17:08

Ordered: ... -12v-42825

it connects and reads all data that can be read with the registred PC version of Fiat ECU Scan.
For AR15916V the odometer reading still not working.

The reading takes a while, because it reads ALL the data but it can be also selected idividually.
Actuators work! SW is stable and works.

If there will be a service and dpf reset included the PC version is no longer needed. In this case I'd
gladly upgrade or change the registration to PDA only version.

Great JOB!

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