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Swapping old cluster with TFT problems

Posted: 01 Oct 2023, 13:42
by Kareem
Hello All

I bought a TFT cluster from 2021 model , to fit it into my 2009 model ,,, yes, I learned the hard way, there are problems due to differences between blue&me and uconnect ,,, however,,, I did install it ,,, did proxy alignment ,, all went good, no more flashing at all ,,, however I have 2 problems
1) odometer didn't change ( kms are set to 21500 however the real should be 87000 ) ,, odo not flashing, however I can't change the milage to the correct value
2) daylights are no more working ,,,, No matter what I did try ,, I can't get the daylights to work

Is there a solution for these two issues ? note that I am planning to change the headunit anyway ( probably will go with the android chinese one that is meant for that model )

Thanks in advance