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TFT Retrofit in 2012 Abarth - TPMS reflecting BAR readings

Posted: 14 Sep 2023, 14:59
by azw131
I have a 2012 USA 500 Abarth and just retrofitted a TFT from a 2015 USA Abarth (Blue and Me to Blue and Me). I used a combination of custom hex codes from other users and have all the features working as they should. The one thing that is not working correctly is the TPMS readings on the cluster. It is showing 22PSI all around, and everything is green (okay). I thought this was strange so I looked at the TPMS module in MultiECU scan and my pressures are all indicated at 2.2 Bar, which is 32 PSI. I checked the pressures with a gauge and they are at 32PSI. As such... the Cluster is being sent TPMS pressures in Bar and showing them as the PSI readings. The references, limits etc. are all correct in MultiECUScan, it is just sending the data in the wrong format to the cluster. I can't seem to find a setting to fix this. Any advice?

Here is the custom Hex values I am running - Car is a 2012 USA Abarth with Bose and Auto Climate Controls: