Can’t perform proxy alignment Alfa Mito QV

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Can’t perform proxy alignment Alfa Mito QV

Post by Xrkc6x » 17 Aug 2021, 20:27

Hi all, just to set expectations, I’m totally new and I’m totally lost.

I have installed ERSIN head unit and left the blue&me module inside, I used the power cable that was going to the blue&me unit to power up the new unit.

I have now flashing odometer. Common issue based on what I read online, it should indicate that the module was disconnected and therefore the car signals flashing the odometer.

I bought the kit and the license and I installed drivers. The kit and cables works perfectly, connects no errors.

This is what I’ve done:

1. Connect
2. Run scan
3. Identified the can bus errors, the blue&me was not connected, so far so good.
4. Run the proxy alignment
5. It gave me some errors regarding “time out” (attached)
6. Obviously the odometer still flashing
7. Now the errors are not there anymore when I scan
8. If I try to run a proxy alignment again, the software says the car doesn’t need one

Help? Thx!

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Re: Can’t perform proxy alignment Alfa Mito QV

Post by Tony » 20 Aug 2021, 16:36

Did you disconnect the battery when changing the head unit? If this isn't done a fault code appears in the body computer that also makes the odometer to flash.

I have made a video on youtube on this topic, search for my channel Fix It Again Tony.

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