Key coding/program problem with Alfa Gulietta

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Key coding/program problem with Alfa Gulietta

Post by hajlender » 06 Jan 2021, 00:04

Hello,I need help maybe somebody will know...

I have one working key of my gulietta without button... I buy new one from aliexpress new with electornic.... I tried to program with registred multiecuscan but didnt work... the procedure was stopped because he cannot program new key...

I checked my old and working key and he is ID46 with PCF7936, New key from aliexpress for alfa gulietta is with ID46 PCF7946...

My question is, is it the problem because these two different chips, multiecuscan cant reprogram new key?

On ebay and aliexpress I cannot find new key with PCF7936 for alfa gulietta, all keys for gulietta is with PCF7946... How can I fix the problem and make new key with workings button

Body ecu is Magnetti Marelli
Model 95640

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Re: Key coding/program problem with Alfa Gulietta

Post by LABOEME » 23 Mar 2021, 22:44

Hi everyone.
I have the same problem as you, I bought a PCF7946AT 433ASK blank key and I cannot encode the key. The transponder is not recognized. I would like to know how to precode the transponder?
I hope you have news for me, thanks :roll:

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