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Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 03:17
by NYC Eng
I have a 2012 US Abarth and installed a 2015 TFT.

Going through multiecuscan, ECU mileage reading =92,847.8miles
The car has an odometer readout of 97,522miles

- why would the ecu mileage reading differ from the actual miles of the car?
- I did a test and wrote 97,000miles, but the TFT odometer displayed 97,020miles. After driving 35miles, the odometer says 97,055miles and the instrument cluster ecu reads 97,034.6miles
- why did it write 20miles higher? How do I write the correct miles? Why does the instrument cluster display a different number than what is registered by the ecu?
- which dashboard module should I select? Instrument Panel Marelli MY12 Or Instrument Panel Marelli TFT ?
- what did I do wrong?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 10:32
by s130
To my knowledge you have done nothing wrong.

If you read the forums you will find that ECU mileages often differ to odometer mileages. There might be a cause to dig deeper if if say the ECU said 200,000 and the odometer said 25,000 (or the other way round).

Nobody has come up with a 100% definitive explanation as to the differences. Being an European/Italian car it *could* be that the system works in km by default and miles is calculated e.g. 1 km = 1000 pulses and 1.6 or 1.609 or other factor is used to get to the require imperial value.

For legal purposes the odometer is definitive status.

Re: Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 11:56
by NYC Eng
My only issue is that my odometer is still flashing.

Should I have ran a proxy alignment after setting the higher odometer mileage?

Thank you very much!

Re: Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 19:42
by s130
Odometer flashing is normally associated with a Proxi issue.

I have to state that I've never had a flashing odometer or proxi alignment issue/condition so am not the best person to advise.

The fact that you have changed you TFT would require a proxi alignment I believe. There is the possibility that after doing a proxi alignment that the odometer will still flash. This would then possibly indicate the you need to make a custom settings alignment. This is where devils/dangers can be found as altering proxi data can cause massive issues and even immobilise the vehicle.

Re: Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 17:08
by mr16valve
I had the same problem when I did the TFT retrofit. No matter what I inputted into the MES value, MES would write 10 miles (exactly) over.
If my car / ECU was 51,000 miles & the new TFT cluster was 49,000 miles - I would "write" 51,000. After the proxy alignment the new TFT would read 51,010.
I did this multiple times and the outcome was always the same.
I would put back in the OEM cluster and drive for (in excess of) 10 miles & then try the procedure again.
Then I inputted 51,090 to have the TFT odometer result of 51,100 miles.
I communicated this with the developers but they could not replicate this problem, but I could.

The only difference between you & I is that I never drove my car with the TFT reading incorrectly; I always swapped back in the OEM cluster.
I think that you will have to extract the mileage the the ECU see & then write that value (-20 miles) into the TFT cluster.
I hope that helps you.

Write yours as Instrument Panel Marelli MY12 (if that was what the original scan had). Even with the TFT I still connect with Marelli MY12.

Re: Odometer programming for new TFT

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 17:51
by NYC Eng
Thank you for the post!

Yesterday I disconnected the battery for over an hour while I installed some new seats, and after I reconnected it the odometer was no longer flashing.

I’m just happy it’s working out now!