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Change car image - 500 tft

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 17:43
by Aktif8
Next on my list of dumb questions. My cluster is in and working, but I'm waiting for my elm327 to show up.

Is there an mes option once connected to change the car image from hardtop to cabrio? I've seen the cabrio image on other clusters.

Sorry if it's apparent within the software, just havent used it it yet, and wondering about this.


Re: Change car image - 500 tft

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 10:52
by s130
MES does not have a menu driven option to change the cluster picture.

Changes like this have to be done by modifying the PROXI raw data which MES can do.

People have changed images. You need to search this forum for examples.

A word of warning. There appears to be no definitive data/information as to what each of the bytes control or what byte values set. With this in mind be very careful when making custom changes and don't just play or poke around blindly as you could kill your vehicle.

Re: Change car image - 500 tft

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 17:52
by Aktif8
Thanks - no luck searching the archives, couldn't find any posts on the topic. Can anyone point me to what byte changes the car image?


Re: Change car image - 500 tft

Posted: 26 Apr 2019, 17:14
by Aktif8
This auto changed itself (hardtop to cabrio) as part of the proxi alignment. Cool :)