Android Auto on Fiat Tipo

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Android Auto on Fiat Tipo

Post by Alessandro.Mittino » 14 Feb 2019, 14:01

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Re: Android Auto on Fiat Tipo

Post by szastan » 17 Mar 2019, 11:54

I'm also interested in activating Android Auto on a Fiat Tipo/Egea - Uconnect 7" without Nav. Is this possibility confirmed with multiecuscan?

According to the vehicles list compatibility, the new MES 4.4 version now support Uconnect Radio/Nav 5" on Tipo/Egea with A3 adapter...what about Uconnect 7" (without NAV) instead? Would be possible, in this case, to change the Uconnect/body computer configuration and maybe to activate Android Auto?

Thank you all for any suggestion.

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Re: Android Auto on Fiat Tipo

Post by Jeko » 19 Mar 2019, 09:14


If anyone have a way to activate Android Auto for the Tipo with the 7" screen, let me know please :D

Been waiting a long time for this, hope one day it will come

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