US 2012 Abarth with 2015 TFT

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US 2012 Abarth with 2015 TFT

Post by NYC Eng » 08 Jan 2019, 16:26

Is there a setting in the TFT cluster module for hill start assist?

I installed a 2015 TFT cluster in my 2012 but lost hill start assist.

It's turned on in the menu of the cluster.

I updated byte 65 to 60 (which looks much better), engaged the hazard illumination on deceleration, and also disengaged the seat belt chime.

Is there is a way to quiet down the chimes? The turn signal noise is a lot louder in the TFT cluster.

Any chance Yani can get access to shutoff the horn beep when you lock the doors so we only have lights flash? I'll gladly pay for that feature.

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Re: US 2012 Abarth with 2015 TFT

Post by Aktif8 » 03 Apr 2019, 15:55

There's an alternate way of disabling the horn - if you disconnect the stock horn and install an air horn, the brief pulse upon lock isn't enough to actually sound the horn, and it locks silently.

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