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No Adjustment actions execute

Posted: 13 Apr 2018, 16:03
by CaseSensitive
I purchased Multiscanecu today, to reset the oil change indicator on my 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 (210).
I was able to connect to my ELM 327 wifi with the car started at idling in neutral, and connect to the various ECUs without much difficulty, all the same, I think I will get a USB OBD cable for convenience.

While I was able to read data from the car, any ADjustment action I attempted failed.
They were:
Distance till next service
Days till next service
Oil change (I do have a DPF)

even basic tests such as turning on the oil pressure or cruise control indicators (when neither were enabled) failed to execute.

I have enclosed images by way of proof.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

Re: No Adjustment actions execute

Posted: 15 Apr 2018, 10:57
by s130
Whilst you have an ELM device I remember on my Croma 2005 1.9MJet 150CV (same as in Alfa 159) the engine ECU functions worked much better with a proper KKL interface.

Suggest you obtain a VAG COM KKL interface and try again. The are not expensive and for some Fiats give more reliable results than the ELM emulation of KKL.

Re: No Adjustment actions execute

Posted: 19 Apr 2018, 13:39
by CaseSensitive
I bought a USB ELM327 1.4 device and I was able to reset the service indicators and intervals, thank you.
The Oil Change function was still not available, but the warning has gone, due to the service reset.

Re: No Adjustment actions execute

Posted: 19 Apr 2018, 14:29
by papa yankee
So, are we saying the KKL I have is not compliant?