U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

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U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

Post by Adrien » 16 May 2015, 14:34

Hi everybody,

I have bought a Fiat Ducato 250 2.3 Multijet with a lot of mechanical and electrical problems.
Multiecuscan detect an U1701 error : their no signal received from the engine control (NCM).
For information, I can communicate with the ABS (but it says that the NCM can't be joined too).

I have checked the +12V and 0V on the NCM and check the CAN wires from ABS to NCM.

Can you confirm that my NCM is faulty or the problem can be elsewhere ?
Do I need to change it or is their a way to fix it ?
If I buy a spare NCM, can I just plug it and it will work ? Do I need to buy an "immo off" one ?

Thank you very much for your help. And thanks to Multiecuscan, this software is amazing!!


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Re: U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

Post by alfa156sarajevo » 29 May 2015, 21:58

If you buy another engine ECU than you need to do or "immo off" or copy code from old ecu to the new one!
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Re: U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

Post by Steve101 » 12 May 2016, 11:31

Did you ever get this problem sorted in the end?

I have the same U1701 code coming up regarding the ABS.

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Re: U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

Post by hairygityeti » 29 Sep 2021, 20:15

I have a similar problem on a fiat grande punto that has me puzzled U1701 NCM NODE ON C-CAN

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Re: U1701 error on the engine control (NCM)

Post by kisser » 03 Oct 2021, 21:30

Have some of you change the ABS unit ????? Because the problem is that the Engine Ecu can not connect to the ABS Ecu on the can line. There can be a problem with the connector on the ABS unit so that i can not send signal to the engine ecu on the can line. I have seen this before on some alfa romeo´s where the owner have change the ABS unit because it was malfunction. But they mountet an older version of ABS unit without can line connection.

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