Reasons for unreliable communication error

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Reasons for unreliable communication error

Post by nickvh » 25 May 2023, 21:19

So I had a fiat panda 2013 come in with flashing mileage.
When hooking up the problem was obvious the blue&me module was broken.
However I could not get into the proxi allignment menu because i kept getting the error 'Unreliable communication detected'
After searching around I found a post that said you may need a faster interface so the obdlink sx instead of the elm237 since the obdlink runs at a rate of 115200 and the elm237 only at 38600. So i bought the obdlink sx but it did not help anything. So then I checked if the blue&me was still in the car and yes it was (very hot also), so i removed it and hooray i could get into the proxy alignment menu with both dongles. Since i couldnt find this on this forum I decided to make this post with possible reasons for the Unreliable communication error.

So to sum it all down reasons i have found so far:
- ELM237 to slow, fix is to upgrade to obdlink sx
- BLUE&ME module is broken but still doing something, fix is to remove blue&me module

Also always check the blue&me module since this one was running really hot!
If anyone has found any other causes for this error please comment them down below

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Re: Reasons for unreliable communication error

Post by davidino66 » 26 May 2023, 10:06

you need the yellow adapter

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