Abarth TFT conversion problems

multiecuscan program usage help
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Abarth TFT conversion problems

Post by Timbo172 » 13 Oct 2022, 21:57

Hi I am changing the dash on a 2009 Abarth 500 to a 2014 TFT dash. The new dash automatically changed to an Abarth type theme and vehicle graphics once fitted. Although the vehicle graphic was only visible once a door was opened
This was corrected with alterations to Byte 65 and 81 in the custom proxi hex and now the theme and vehicle graphic is correct.

I am unable to save the date and time either by the dash menucor the multiecuscan software and also the date is missing from the display. I also have two random zeros on the centre LHS of the display above and clashing with the RANGE indicator.
Can anybody assist or has anybody had the same issue?

On my report the dash module reports both a U1706-86 and U1700-86 fault that was not present previously.

Thank you.

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