Adding a Refurb ABS pump to Ducato 250 2012

multiecuscan program usage help
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Adding a Refurb ABS pump to Ducato 250 2012

Post by Walter1 » 09 Jun 2020, 07:29

Can anyone advise if it is possible to add a refurb ABS pump using the MES software, if so what is required to add a replacement. your help much appreciated I already have a paid subscription to MES

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Re: Adding a Refurb ABS pump to Ducato 250 2012

Post by the1andonly » 28 Nov 2020, 16:04

You have probably sorted this by now , but
I was searching for Ducato codes and found this in relation to ABS pumps
From a company refurbing pumps :ECU TESTING
When performing a diagnostic check, you will notice that the ABS system has no fault codes stored, but the engine system will report a fault code of 'P0500 – Vehicle Speed Sensor’, this fault code is generated not because the vehicle speed sensor is faulty but because the faulty ABS system no longer passes vehicle speed information to the engine ECU.
There is no need for any programming once you receive your unit back, just plug it in, bleed the brakes and away you go.

I can see nowhere in MES to add (F7 adjustments) to add a abs pump in my model, try the simulate option on your precise module
i just checked a 2.3 x250
option : Hydraulic unit bleed
This procedure will flush the hydraulic lines of the ABS module. Perform the procedure after replacing the ABS unit, or when changing the brake fluid. Keep the brake pedal pressed during the entire procedure. The pedal will first sink to floor and then raise back to top.
Basically the procedure will open all drain valves and fill both accumulators with brake fluid from the master cylinder, then it will use the hydraulic pump to return all fluid back to master cylinder. This way the fluid will be cycled through all internal ABS hydraulic lines.
Before executing this procedure make sure that there is enough brake fluid in the reservoir and also loosen its cap.

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Post by RamAlted » 31 Jan 2021, 10:01

My vehicle is 8 yrs old and doing approx 160000 km.
Once in a while the abs light would come on and scan tools would show the left front abs sensor.
The problem usually goes away.
Also once in a while , if I brake hard to cause the ABS to function the brake pedal would get softer and sink to the floor. Afterwards it functions normal. No leaks seen , fulid level is good.
Anyone ever had this problem

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