Should the free version be able to...

multiecuscan program usage help
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Should the free version be able to...

Post by Torq » 17 Feb 2019, 17:18

Brake problems with an X250 Fiat Ducato.

I plugged into multiecuscan 4.3 and talked to the Bosch abs 8 straight away. It gave me a code of C1250 Interference on Drive wheels speed signals. Invalid signal.

Fair enough I thought must be a bad sensor but it doesn't say which one.

Decided to try for some live data under parameters. Selected the 4 wheel speed sensors, into graphs, started monitoring and went for a careful drive. Nothing. No data recorded.

I went into Actuators and tried each unit but (unlike when I've done the same with BMW) none of them did anything, not a buzz or a click. If I unplug the ABS module the multiecuscan reports that it's not there so it is definitely being recognised when connected.

Is my ABS unit shot or is my free version of the SW just not able to do what I need or both!

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