Reset self-learned functions Fiat Punto 1.3 mjet 2012

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Reset self-learned functions Fiat Punto 1.3 mjet 2012

Post by htevents » 15 Feb 2019, 10:12

Hello all,

The ECU is not reconizing my Cruise Control at all after I have my car remapped, but it worked perfectly before a remap of my car. Within the remap, the DPF and EGR are turned off and the DPF is removed from the car (due to problems with is and the costs of a new one/cleaning). In my Body Computer the cruise control is enabled (both "until 2009" and "from 2009"). In MES I see that the pedal switches are functioning, but no reaction on de cc stalk (if I tunr it on, nothing shows in MES, etc.).
On another forum there was someone with a problem close to mine and they had succes with resetting the self learned functions.

Now, I have my DPF removed and turned off in the ECU (by the remap), EGR turned off in the ECU and a remap for a little extra HP/Torque. The notes showing when selecting the corresponding line in MES, states that the self learning function regonizes various engine changes, including base map changes.

Will I mess up my ECU when executing this reset because of the removed DPF, disabled EGR and remapping, or will this procedure only affect the things stated in the note?
Note in MES:
"In some Marelli systems, the ECU is able to manage a self-adjusting strategy that recognizes various engine changes due to settling, wear, propulsion and component replacements (mechanical, electronic), engine shaft phonic wheel, climate conrol, electro-fan mode, brake mode and gear, changing base mapping.
The function cancels the indelible memory that contains these calibrations.
Following the zeroing of the self-learnt functions, the status of the parameters (available in the selection list) will be updated as follows:
- the presence of the air conditioner and the cruise control is automatically learnt when they are activated.
- the presence of ABS/VDC/ASR (only if connected to CAN) and Selespeed is learnt when at least one message is received on CAN.
- the presence of the 'Manual' type of gearbox is learnt when the clutch pedal passes from 'Released' to 'Pressed'."

What selection list are they talking about? The list on the left side of the screen contains the following:
- Reset self-learned functions
- Oil change (only for version with DPF) does MES see if I have a DPF or not?
- DPF replacement (only for version with DPF)
- DPF regeneration
- etc (a long list)

Car: Fiat Punto (latest model) 1.3 multijet 2012
ECU: Marelli 8F3
Dash: Lauberhorn (Blue & Me)
Body: Delphi (199) MY09

I am lost at this point trying to get my cruise control back to work.

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