Fiat 500 Seat Belt Buzzer / Alarm / Chime Issue

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Fiat 500 Seat Belt Buzzer / Alarm / Chime Issue

Post by jcmonteiro » 22 Sep 2018, 04:15

Hello Mates. Cheers!

I`ve turned off the seat belt buzzer / alarm on MES when I did replace the instrument cluster from the old analog to a new digital TFT one.
So, When I tried to change it back to ON (like factory default), it says it cannot be done.
Please help me.
How do I turn it on again?
I`ve noticed a new option in the cluster's menu like Seat Belt Buzzer (with the options ON and OFF - which is selected). Even if I change it to the ON position it doesn't work and that menu disappears. It only comes back if I tried to turn it off in the MES interface again.
I'd like to have the buzzer ON again. How do I do guys?
Thanks in advance.

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