Parts test on Alfa 156 JTS not complete

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Parts test on Alfa 156 JTS not complete

Postby sämpy » 12 Jun 2018, 15:04


I have a 2003 Alfa 156 JTS that did not pass inspection this year because "parts tests" were not finished in ECU. I had cleared fault codes too close to inspection day, i quess. On normal cars this would not be a problem, but nowadays in such a case they make a lambda integration tests, that an JTS cannot pass, because it does not use lambda under 1500 rpm. So this year it did not pass inspection, even though there are no fault codes and emissions are ok..

They say that parts tests need 200km of various driving to complete. But i cannot find information of these tests in my Multiecuscan 3.5 multiplexed, so i would know when they are complete and i could go to emission tests again.

My friends in our alfa forum say that they should be there, but no-one seems to remember where..

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