No connection ELM 327 Wifi

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No connection ELM 327 Wifi

Post by Cronoblack » 04 Sep 2017, 20:24

How i can connect my ELM 327 WIFI to Multiescuscan? Because it says: Suitable interface not found! Check your cable and serial port setting" It searches the "COM port/interface".. How i connect this wifi elm 327?


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Re: No connection ELM 327 Wifi

Post by tzok » 14 Oct 2017, 22:04

MES supports only USB and BT interfaces that create a virtual COM port in the system. ELM327 WiFi was meant for iPhone users, as they can't "pair" with non-Apple approved BT devices. Only Forscan (for Ford cars) from what I've seen has a support for ELM327 WiFi on a PC.

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Re: No connection ELM 327 Wifi

Post by tolis1 » 12 Apr 2021, 05:35

i have elm 327 with 4.7multiecuscan,itry to connect with the adapter and everything is fine elm327wifi in settings menu(it says ok-ok-ok-ok) but no conection with car.what is wrong? please answer!thank you

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