Fiat Brava 1.8 ´96(Not connected)

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Re: Fiat Brava 1.8 ´96(Not connected)

Post by bas » 21 Feb 2010, 23:58

-FINN- wrote:Thanks=)
but I wrote that I know it!!!
Everywhere so answered, as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought that you think I'm joking with you you. :)
If you've done everything as recommended in the faq, you've probably a problem with a computer or interface or adapter.


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Re: Fiat Brava 1.8 ´96(Not connected)

Post by -FINN- » 10 Mar 2010, 18:43

Hei Yani!
You plan to add Airbag BREED MY95 support in the following version of the program? ;)
Likely my problem of connection that there is not support Airbag BREED MY95 in version 1.6

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