VAG KKL cable connections

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by Waltomatic » 28 Jul 2014, 13:48


Hy everybody, somebody here yet?

My first problem is the very bad english (sorry)

The second is not function Vag KKL USB (but properly function with ELM327 about 1 year)

1) Interface properly installed like USB-SERIAL CH340 at Device Manager in 2 PCs with XP-SP3 (the same behaviour booth)

2) MES "Scan Interfaces" not found

3) Curiously when Scan Interfaces is running don't appear the port that Vag is installed (like COM4, COM6, COM7...)

4) Truyng "Interface Test" occours:

In COM port that interface is installed (COM8 in this case):

Time out

Another port (COM3 in case):


Testing latency with 200 bytes of data...
Min latency: 9
Max latency: 12

Testing timers...
(The acceptable tolerance for results is ~5 ms)

System supports high resolution timer.

Testing timer with 1000 ms...
..result: 1000 ms

Testing timer with 250 ms...
..result: 314 ms

Testing timer with 750 ms...
..result: 965 ms

Testing timer with 100 ms...
..result: 127 ms

Note: COM3 don´t exists in Device Manager!

Some solution?

DETAIL: my Advanced Settings Window, in Windows XP, only displays this...

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by sportyone » 16 Jan 2015, 07:22

Yani advised me this as I am having similar problems to you, I took apart my interface to find it a fake as Yani suggested it would be, now I have find a proper one where ever I can, can anyone suggest a good supplier ?

"It is possible that your interface is not the correct type.
The Chinese companies produce fake interfaces and label them as VAG-COM 409.1 The original/genuine (and the one that works fine) is the FTDI type (the main chip inside is marked FTDI). The other one which some Chinese companies sell as VAGCOM is with CH340 chipset and it is a fake - it has bad drivers and in most cases it cannot be used for connection to any car.
The fact that your interface does not have latency settings means that it is probably not FTDI or the drivers are not correct. Sometimes the problem can be resolved by downloading new drivers from internet. The latest drivers for FTDI can be downloaded from
However, if the chipset of the interface is CH340 then it will not work. "


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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by s130 » 16 Jan 2015, 10:57

Suggest you look at the trusted supplier list here:

The may not be the cheapest suppliers but they will supply working hardware. In the long run they can be much cheaper if you factor wasted time and aggravation into the equation.
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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by sportyone » 17 Jan 2015, 06:39

thanks done that & ordered from UK !

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by Waltomatic » 19 Jan 2015, 17:11

Well, the "little chinese" actually until it worked after I figured out how to configure ... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1493&p=14847#p14847

After that I also bought an original FTDI and is actually much simpler but, believe it or not, it works with higher latency than the CH340!

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by riggles2 » 24 Jan 2015, 22:41

Hi Every body
I have a Fiat doblo 1.3 16v 2008.
I have one of these Chinese leads and its working, I can connect to the engine, abs etc and I can connect to the engine clear errors do regeneration on my DPF .
But cant work out which switch position I need to have it in to reset service and oil reminder after I have serviced the car and changed the oil.

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by lolo85v » 06 Mar 2015, 16:16

Gatter wrote:Hahaha Check this out! My new chineese VAGKKL cable..
Airbag is soldered to pin4-5, instead of pin3! :D
ESP is soldered to pin11-12, instead of pin12-13. :D
After the modification it works properly.. So first of all you should check the cable for correct pinout. 8-)

Hello you made which modif?


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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by Baso_1990 » 30 Mar 2015, 22:08

hello everybody i need help
i accidently desoldered 4 wires from obd2 connector and now i dont know where to solder them back
does anyone knows where to solder wires?

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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by sportyone » 03 Apr 2015, 22:30

yani wrote:Hi,

The proper connections are:
pin 1 - ABS
pin 3 - Airbag
pin 7 - Engine/Gearbox
pin 9 - EPS

Here is what I can suggest for the cable:
1.Get a stock VagCom cable.
2.Then cut the connection between k-line and pin 7.
3.Then solder a microswitch to switch either k-3 or k-1-7-9. Where k is the k-line from the circuit board and 1,3,7,9 are the pins on the OBD connector.

Thanks for reporting that HowToUse mistake. It was just a typo.

Hello Yani,

I do not a switch & l have read on here, l don't really need one.

Any chance of telling us what colors the wires are in the connectors, what & where is K line, what colors go to 1-3-7-9 ?

l have just 4 colors in my VAG-COM connector, red, white, green & black, ok, which color is K line ?

is there any harm in permanently soldering all the wire & not using a switch ?

You obviously are very knowledgable with these things, but what might be simple to you is not to most, thanks YANI

A bit more support from you would help, after all we all have bought your software !


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Re: VAG KKL cable connections

Post by 147sele! » 06 Aug 2015, 17:56

Hi all,

just joined the forum and I have a question on this matter as well...

I bought a KKl 409.1 cable which is different again from those I could see in the previously posted messages.
It has a smaller PCB and there are 4 cables which are connected to the 16 pin plug ( wire colours are: red, yellow, green and black).
first question is:
which one of these is the K-line?

I have a alfa 147 2.0 selespeed which I have replaced the electrohydraulic unit and I want to reset the system.

I have connected the cable and run the multiecuscan for the gearbox and I was actually able to get a connection with the system but I found some parameters where really strange and therefore I tried to connect with the engine ECU but it fails.

second question is:
do I need to modify my KKL cable in order to be able to connect to the engine ECU?

thanks for any help

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