TPMS Calibration

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TPMS Calibration

Post by Matthew » 14 Oct 2020, 15:10

I am getting regular TPMS errors on a 2015 Giulietta (with an ABS-based TPMS system).
I get the tyre pressures right, reset the system on the dashboard and set off.
50km later (the self-learning period?) the warning comes on the dashboard.
But the tyre pressures are fine. The fronts have gone up a bit more than the rears, but they are the same across the respective axles.
While the warning is still active, I connect to the ABS module using iOS MES and an OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth adapter but I find no stored fault codes.
Does anyone have any ideas?

MES offers an adjustment "TPMS Calibration".
Does anyone know if this is
(a) only the same as resetting the system using the button on the dash; or
(b) a deeper recalibration of the system that could solve my problem.


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