BCM Swap for Alfa MiTo

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BCM Swap for Alfa MiTo

Post by rroope » 27 Apr 2023, 07:01

I'm guessing not but is there a BCM swap function on MES?
I have the code of my current one, a new one to solve my issues, but the last time I got one cloned, the fault went with it.
Is there a way to replace the BCM with a used BCM of the same part number?

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Re: BCM Swap for Alfa MiTo

Post by chrener » 27 Apr 2023, 17:36

Of course you can, but after swap you have to relearn immo and keys...
Or swap it also with ECU and key from one car...
Anyway your car will have different VIN numbers on chasis and in units then...
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