Cruise control Alfa Romeo 156 2004

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Cruise control Alfa Romeo 156 2004

Post by Mr.Vcz » 08 Dec 2018, 09:41

Goodmorning to everyone,

I have installed the cruise control on a Alfa Romeo 156 1.6 TS, built in 2004, but it doesn't work.
It hadn't the original wiring from the command to the ECU, so I installed the wires and the original command.
At the moment I have this kind of problem: when I switch on the command, the light in the check panel turns on but when I try to activate the function, the ECU doesn't receive any signal (speed +, speed - or RCL). I have controlled all the wiring and all the plugs and they work.
Have I to make some adjustment? If yes, what kind of adjustment do I have to do?
Thank you

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