Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

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Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

Postby meropharoe » 30 Apr 2013, 07:20

Hi all!

i have downloaded the Free version from Multiecuscan in order to check if it will perfectly work with me or no so in case am happy with it i will purchase the full version, however, i bought a -hand made- perfectly modified K-line/VAGCOM cable from an Engineer who used to do them manually for years and his cable prove to be working perfectly with all Modules with no problems as per all the people who bought & used it!

The problem is that the Multiecusan simply doesn't connect to the board computer of the car for some reasons it always keep giving me this boring message "Failed to connect to ECU", even though i downloaded the most updated driver for the interface, the interface is perfectly identified into my computer, i sat a free port number for the interface, adjusted the latency as described in the Forum and as per the guide of Multiecuscan, adjusted all the settings in the Multiecuscan like setting the interface name and the com number... i tried many other things, and also tried by using another computer with windows 7, "mine has windows Xp", read already hundreds of threads about more or less the same problem, kept trying for 2 days, and NOTHING WORKS!
i have an Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 TS

if anyone is able to solve that dilemma i will be more than grateful..

Many Thanks in Advance & wishing all a nice day

Best Regards,
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Re: Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

Postby s130 » 30 Apr 2013, 13:30

What car are you trying to connect to?

Many later Alfa's and Fiat are CAN only so a KKL/VAG interface will not connect to any of the systems.

Check here for your car and requirements:
Fiat Strada/Ritmo Abarth 130TC, Barchetta 2005 , 500X Cross Plus
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Re: Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

Postby Alfaeddy » 30 Apr 2013, 14:02


As already S130 writes to the KKL interface, you can get your motor ECU only, read
And with adapter (green) the ABS and with adapter (red) the airbag

For all other controllers you need a ELM Interface
as they are read the Alfa 147 with CAN bus.

It may just be that your settings are not correct.
- Com port
- Latency time
- Drivers

Have you given in MES / settings / interface, the KKL interface?

Make the settings again

Greetings Eddy
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Re: Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

Postby meropharoe » 01 May 2013, 12:38

my Car is Alfa 147, 1.6 TS and the guy who sold me the interface made some modification to it and when i asked him if it will be valid for all Modules he confirmed so, so it is supposed to be working at least with Engine ECU!
and when i tried Fiat ECU scan i get more luck as it connect at least for some time before it disconnect...

As for the settings, all what you have said i did already hundreds of times, and still nothing works! :x

Thanks for your reply, and wish all a good day
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Re: Multiecuscan doesn't work!!!

Postby mattydr67 » 03 May 2013, 17:05

i have an Alfa 147 1.6TS 120 Hp from 2001
I'm using a VAG KKL interface modified by me to connect to all K-line lines ( even Multiecuscan dosen;t cover all of this - now i see something on pin 13 and i allready have it )
You have to this
Pleg the interface
Set it on com port 1 ( not 3 ) and set the latency at 1 or 2 9 if you have a USB interface
I never had a RS232 one but in that case set in in com port 1 as well and recive and transmite at min
The run the Multiecuscan softwear go to set your interface in the Settings - interfaces - Interface
Set it as K-line/VagCom and serial port as 1 then OK
then plug it into the car and you can do a test to see the latency and if there's comunication between the softwear and the interface
Now put the Key to MAR
and choose your car.
Choose the Engine if the k-line is set on pin 7 or Airbag if the k-line is set on pin 3 or ABS is set on pin 1 or Xenon headlmaps is set on pin 12
this are the controlers that you can try in your car
For the BCM Service intervale Dashboard, Climate control or Drivers Door you need an ELM interface
Good luck

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