Alarm country code Alfa 156 GTA

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Alarm country code Alfa 156 GTA

Post by integralezero » 05 Sep 2011, 13:06

Operation - "country code" programming
The control unit is capable of adapting its operation to the laws governing alarm systems in force in the various markets. There are different operating modes ("COUNTRY CODE") available in the actual control unit memory for the sound of the siren and the flashing of the direction indicators. These functions are sometimes excluded.

Country code table:

1, Default (EEC)

2, United Kingdom

3, Belgium

4, Switzerland

5, Holland


The dealer is able to do this with the examiner, but i can't do it with FES.

THX for support!

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Re: Alarm country code Alfa 156 GTA

Post by Jose » 18 Dec 2022, 20:46

I had to change the alarme module of my 156 GTA.
Now it doesnt bip or flashes
Is there any way to set thé alarme with MES

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