COM ports autodetection

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COM ports autodetection

Post by EnIgMa » 07 Sep 2010, 09:36

Hi Yani,
i use a software for elm devices where you can choose a specific com port (if known) or it checks automatically every port.
Plus, it not list every ports from 1 to XX but it load a list of active/used ports only.

For example, yesterday when i reloaded my elm device, windows assigned port 19 and 34...
that software loaded a list like: ports: 12-14-19-34, (the same as "Windows Device Manager" - Ports (COM & LRT)).
So if i decide to set a port manually i can choose from few active ports and not from an "infinite" list.
Or if a decide to let software checkt it for me, it doesn't take a full day to connect to ecu. :)

Do I make myself clear?


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