Function request: activation of aux cooling circuit water pump (electric)

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Function request: activation of aux cooling circuit water pump (electric)

Post by GenTLe » 28 Nov 2022, 20:04

I'm in process to change the cooland of my Giulia (but this is valid for Stelvio too) and, while for the main engine cooling circuit there's no need to have OBD special functions, for the secondary circuit (the one that cools down both the turbocharger and the intercooler) the FCA workshop manual says that, once the circuit is filled and the excess air is removed from the bleed screws on top of the aux radiator and the pipe, you MUST activate via OBD the aux water pump (which is electric) at 75% speed for a 10 of minutes to completely bleed both the IC and the Turbo, then activate the solenoid that is the valve in the circuit and let it run for another 5 minutes:
Connect the diagnosis equipment to the vehicle diagnosis socket, activate the electric pump at 75% of its power and let it run for about 10 minutes. Then change the solenoid valve position to 3-way and in the meantime continue to bleed air with the electric water pump activated to 75% for 5 more minutes.
These funcions lacks in MES, it should stay into Engine -> Actuators, and it would be pretty useful considering this is a task that should be done every 5 years considering the cooling properties of the fluid becoming old after that time.

Can you add it, please? All the gasoline engines for Giulia and Stelvio will be beneficial of this.


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Post by WillieAnceS » 24 Mar 2023, 20:05

When viewing a flows log, theres an option to send it, but if more is needed, you have to open the log file, and theres no option to send that, which makes remote debugging much harder.

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