MES 4.9

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MES 4.9

Post by chrener » 12 May 2022, 09:10

If you want stay competitive, please add those function and cars support:

Panda Hybrid
500 hybrid
Newest full electric 500
Tipo hybrid
Ducato Serie 8 (X259)

uConnect VIN change function
ACC unit VIN change function

Supprot for calibration front distronic radar unit for all models
Support for calibration HALF camera unit for all models

RFHM and BCM code PIN reading...

Proxi Adjusting Menu up to 250 bytes! Or Custom proxi configurator helper...

Because MES 4.9 is not fully usable for newest cars!

Thanx a lot!
Best regards.

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Re: MES 4.9

Post by abarthmultijet » 24 May 2022, 20:44

I totally agree, Especialy uconnect vin change!
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Re: MES 4.9

Post by s130 » 25 May 2022, 09:41

What I'm not familiar with is how big or small or just Yani the development team is. He has kept this information pretty quiet / close to his chest since the very first Beta release of FiatECUScan.

Clearly we all want as much function as we can get for both old and new cars. What can not help either, which is typical of Italian cars and I suspect other makes, is that model updates leave the basic running gear ECUs (engine, airbag, abs, .....) the same but then hit all the creature comfort kit with new equipment/units. Radio, Sat Nav, Media, ..... all get changed or significantly updated. Must be difficult keeping pace and deciding which features / units to support next.

Another factor which could be limiting development could be finances. There are quite a few cracked versions of MES out there. Whenever Yani has hopefully closed the door the scum bags find a way to open it again. Keygen programs seem to be prolific on some websites. Every cracked version is hurting ALL OF US.
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Re: MES 4.9

Post by chrener » 30 May 2022, 11:40

Yes of Course,
innovations are hard and expensive for everyone.
But without innovations there are many unsupported models/ecus/functions and its forced to looking for another way (software etc)
I have payed licened registered version
Its absolutely OK to pay for Yanys knowhow.
Also of course special functions may be for extra pay but most interesting is to offer them in program...

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