AlfaRomeo Giulietta 2013 can't conect

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AlfaRomeo Giulietta 2013 can't conect

Post by Karizmo » 24 Sep 2022, 10:35

I have Giulietta 2013 witch body Mopar 50532314 an cant conec to body.
I use CANtieCAR an last update Multiecuscan.
Multiecuscan can't connect od table on ore car. Witch other like engine then is no problem.
When i hose Giulia and Body Computer Marelli (952) then he can connect and show that body is 940 (incorrect iso code) but when I will choose Giulietta Body 940 he cant connect (ECU connection filed)
AlfaOBD work OK on the same configuration.

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Post by DanilViacy » 13 Apr 2023, 08:47

i tryed to log many times and it allways say faild.i have all updates and i runed it as admin but i cant cant play.what more can it be?i have windows vista can be it?plz gm help

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