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Bug 4.4 ?

Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 13:38
by jwq
I recently updated to Multiecuscan 4.4 multiplexed from 4.3, used in combination with cantiecar 3 interface

I own a 2017 Alfa Giulia 2.0 280, without SGW
When I try to connect to my car, everything works fine, I can access and control all ECUs, however, when I try to connect to the ABS ECU, I get a popup to connect the grey adapter, and cannot connect.
Is this a bug in 4.4 ? I assume this should not happen for the MPX version.....

Edit: just tried some more... All modules that need adapter A6/Gray get the popup.
The modules that do not need an adapter, or need A5/Blue work OK

Re: Bug 4.4 ?

Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 18:45
by s130

Did you use V4.3 and did you have this problem or are you a new user and V4.4 is your first usage?

I do not know sufficient technical information about the CantieCar interface but it could be that you Version 3 does not support switching to the require vehicle line so MES is asking for the adapter to overcome a restriction in CantieCar interface.

I'm only speculating but the requirement for the Grey adapter was only on recent models so older versions of CantieCar interfaces were never designed or expected to manage "yet another cable/pin configuration.

Re: Bug 4.4 ?

Posted: 13 Mar 2019, 09:09
by jwq
received a reply from Yanislav....

Apparently it's a problem with the Cantiecar interface V3 , which I have, not being able to handle new hi-speed can bus
Have been using MES for a number of years now, in the MPX version. However, till recently on an Alfa 147 GTA. Recently started using it on my giulia 2.0
No probs on the 147, which looking at the answer of Yanislav is expected.

<partial quote>
This is limitation in the CANtieCAR hardware.

The old CANtieCAR interfaces cannot connect to the 2nd high speed CAN bus at pins 12,13. Fiat first added this 2nd high speed CAN in beginning of 2015. We started to add support for it a little later and made hardware modifications to the CANtieCAR. All CANtieCAR interfaces after October 2015 should support this CAN bus. Actually all CANtieCAR v4.x do have support for it. The clients earlier interfaces should use adapter 6 for the affected models.

The models with 2nd high speed CAN are: 500X, Renegade, Giulia, Stelvio.

So, if you have CANtieCAR v3.x then you need adapter cable 6
<end quote>

So unfortunately I'm back to needing (an) adapter cable(s) for certain functions......