Navigation Info Repeat on 500x It does not activate

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Navigation Info Repeat on 500x It does not activate

Post by ivanobrasile » 02 Mar 2019, 01:27

Hi, I bought a software package and adapters months ago, all right, I have a problem when on my 500x I try to activate the navigation repetition on the dashboard TFT display.
I try to explain myself better, when I activate the function on the MES and then I do the alignment, the only thing that changes is in the configuration menu of the dashboard, ie at point 6 it appears "navigation off", this value should be configured in the menu 'display, but in my case this option does not appear to me, I have the item "view phone" but I miss the item "browse" this I managed to see it also from the instructions booklet of the car, and talking to other people who they have.
Can you give me a solution? I've seen that sometimes you need to manually change the value of some bite, but now I should know which one.
I look forward to your technical support.
Thank you and greetings

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Re: Navigation Info Repeat on 500x It does not activate

Post by s130 » 02 Mar 2019, 10:34

I too have a 500X. MES does not support the setting to enable the navigation information on the instrument display. This function can/is set from the vehicles dash menu.

Please note. When enabled you will not see any navigation information appear on the central instrument except when

1) A route is planned and active


2) When to have to make the previously voice instructed turn. When actually almost on the required turn then the speedometer will disappear and be replaced by a turn indicator arrow and a distance

Shortly afterwards the speedometer will be restored.
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