Odometer EDC15

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by alfa156sarajevo » 23 Apr 2010, 10:38

mihaitza83 wrote:car original odometer is 119.xxx
fiat ecu scan says 117.xxx

my car has 17" inch wheels. is it posible to be a difference because of the larger weels?
no, it doesn't have anything with the wheels.
this thing is normal! software can lie 1% or 2%.
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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by WhizzMan » 10 May 2010, 08:34

The ECU may not update/store the odometer value real-time. This means that slight variations may occur.

It could very well be that on certain cars the odometer can be adjusted (can someone verify this for the multiecuscan ECUs and possibly tell where/how to do that?) for wheel circumference. If you only correct the odometer and the ECU can't be corrected, this would be an indication where variations from 34.4 to over 36 are coming from.

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by luko28 » 03 Jul 2010, 19:24

I have Fiat Stilo with ECU EDC16C39 CF4 (MultiJet 8V)
In the ECU is on the ODOMETER 22 732 km, but on the dashboard is 76 302km.
This is 3,35 x more, but when I have driven 12km, the ODOMETER in the ECU added 12km.
Speed, which is displayed in Multiecuscan is correct.
In the Multiecuscan: Number of programmings 0
Odometer at last programming 0km

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by TribesMan » 05 Jul 2010, 05:37

luko28, I think that your odometer was rewinded back... I have noticed this on several second hand 147 or GT, dont know why but in EDC16 the odometer value in the ECU goes back to 0 when you rewind the odometer on the dashboard...
How many kilometres have you driven since you have bought this car?

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by luko28 » 05 Jul 2010, 07:00

I have driven about 3000km. I bought it in december 2009. Stilo was made in 1/2007

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by ARomeo » 11 Aug 2010, 19:27

Write in English!!!

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by luko28 » 19 Aug 2010, 14:30

I think, that, the FES shows kilometers without the first number, but I'm not sure.
To TribesMan: Stilo can't have 22 732 km after the odometer was rewound back.

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by Bravo-JTD » 07 Nov 2010, 14:07

Hello to all I have Fiat Bravo JTD with ECU Bosh EDC15C7 ISO FD869180E9. In a sample of 27.5km I compared the data.
Starting KM on dashboard was...............294.9KM
Starting KM on FES odometer was......233 852.4KM

After driving 27.5KM I compared the data
Dashboard KM is...............................322.3KM
FES odometer KM is......................233 880.9KM

Dashboard shows that I drove 27KM, but FES odometer shows that I was driving 28.5KM. I hope this will help a new version of FES show real mileage.

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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by factoryosaru1985 » 23 Nov 2010, 10:48

On my alfa 145
multiecuscan watched me 258,000 km more, on board i saw about 173,000 km.

On my multipla

multiecuscan showed me about 58,000 km, on board i have 63,000 km.

They are Italian-made,irresponsible-made :P
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Re: Odometer EDC15

Post by Darkman » 13 Feb 2011, 15:29

hello all.
This is my first post here

Also I have a problem reading the course according to the FES version 2.6.1 scaned whit VAG KKL

My car is a Fiat Brava 1.2 16V 2000 years of production

ECU FE 86 08 98 79
Hardware number: 0261206276
Hardware serial: 00
Software No.: 1037352671
Software Version: 0102
ECU programming date: 11/13/1999

The course is a real (dashboard) car: 141 230km
Odometer FES hows: 572 450 km.

as calculated in a simple way to go 4 x more evenly ?????

car is in the family since new, serviced, all mileage entries confirmed.
I read about it from A to Z, and none of these calculators does not fit (8, 34.4 ... 35 ... 36.6 ......)

Help? guys? Yani?
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