Invalid ISO code ALFA 159

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Invalid ISO code ALFA 159

Post by hornet » 17 Jul 2019, 08:03

Hello! I try to connect to my Alfa 159 ECU with MES4.4 using this interface:


When connected I get "Invalid ISO code" and in the info section I can see some data about the ECU but all the numbers are shifted to the right and some junk is displayed.

Data is not read correctly as well. For every numeric value I get 4139.

If I try to read the ecu with the same interface but with another software it works and I get:

Tested device: Injection Diesel Bosch EDC16C39 CF4/EOBD (eng. 1.9/2.4)
Fiat drawing number: 55204661
Hardware number: 0281013138
Hardware version: 00
Software number: 1037380494
Software version: 3441
Homologation number: 93942
ISO code: FD863D0419
Programming date: 00/B5/80A4

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?
Please excuse me if it's something you've already discussed but I couldn't find something on that subject here.

Thank you!

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Invalid ISO code ALFA 159

Post by mrRandallbaw » 31 Dec 2019, 10:11


I have a problem with asm code and dspic, when i include a C code in my project PIC24H128GP504, i get error: syntax error before nop .
I simply used the sample code asm nop.

Thanks for your help.

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