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by hildevar
30 Mar 2020, 19:54
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Topic: Missing menus from TFT display - Abarth 500
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Re: Missing menus from TFT display - Abarth 500

Someone know if the proxi codes posted here could be used on a USA Abarth 2015? I want the new 595 display style. The problem is my code has only 85 byte and the others i saw here has 187 and 235. I got two warnings: identification changed and proxy length has changed
by hildevar
29 Mar 2020, 20:48
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Topic: Abarth Boost Gauge
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Re: Abarth Boost Gauge

Hi there, I'm in the same situation, the boost gauge doesn't work even with the TFT dash set to "60" abarth- is there a hex edit to enable the factory boost gauge? Would anyone be willing to share a picture of their ctrl-alt-c hex edit window from the proxy screen so that I can compare? Thanks in a...