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by axy
03 Sep 2019, 08:30
Forum: Usage Q&A
Topic: Stelvio service reset
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Stelvio service reset

Hi everybody, before doing my first Service reset on my Stelvio I would like to ask if it is enough just to use the option reset or do I have mandatory to write the date of service (using that specific option) and to write down on how many km will I schedule my next service? As I have a Diesel I als...
by axy
02 Jun 2019, 08:40
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Stelvio Proxy Alignment
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Re: Stelvio Proxy Alignment


I am new to Multiecuscan and would like to ask for help for the same issue too.
Can somebody explain maybe a step by step procedure for a proxy alignment for a Stelvio?

Oh yes,and does a next service reset and alignment as well?