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by robert61
26 Sep 2018, 21:07
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Bosch ABS 5.3 Invalid ISO Code
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Re: Bosch ABS 5.3 Invalid ISO Code

Try the Fiat Punto I, Seicento, there is 5.3 as well
by robert61
24 Sep 2018, 20:57
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Fiat 500x electric park break
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Re: Fiat 500x electric park break

REMOVING - Put the car on the lift 1. Remove the retaining clip and release the brake fluid pipe. 2. Release the parking brake wiring. 3. By applying counter-torque to the nut (1a), undo the lower screws (1b) fixing the brake calliper - Remove all traces of glue from the side tabs and on the brake c...
by robert61
13 Sep 2018, 22:01
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: 500 TFT
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500 TFT

Fiat 500 TFT counter, can you add the function of adjusting the date and time from the MES level? It would be a useful feature if you replace the meter, with "other" not factory radio.
by robert61
13 Sep 2018, 21:35
Forum: FES Dashboard
Topic: tpms abarth 500 2008 yes or no
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Re: tpms abarth 500 2008 yes or no

by robert61
19 Jul 2017, 09:27
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Air conditioning in proxi
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Air conditioning in proxi

Welcome Jani
Is there any possibility of introducing proxi air conditioning to the vehicle in which it was not previously? The Fiat 500
by robert61
09 Dec 2010, 18:39
Forum: Usage Q&A
Topic: imo, why not?
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imo, why not?

Hi! Yani.
I have a question, why not add a program, not only the RC, but imo?
This function is very useful: If the encoding procedure fails, you can always use the key to another car.
Please think about this in future releases.